The World Citrus Organisation (WCO) in collaboration with Fruitnet Media International will host its Global Citrus Outlook on 15 November 2023. Building upon the work and success of previous events, WCO wishes to bring together actors across the global citrus community from all levels of the supply chain to discuss the situation of the sector. This year’s theme, “The impact of climate change on the citrus sector” will see four external speakers and a panel discussion focused on the way climate change is affecting production and ways to mitigate or adapt to the new situation, as well as covering the latest forecast for the Northern Hemisphere production season by the WCO, an in-depth analysis of the current global citrus market trends by CIRAD and discussion on key industry trends.

WCO is organising this coming Wednesday 15 November 2023 its annual Global Citrus Outlook, where WCO will share the citrus production forecast for this Northern Hemisphere season and host a discussion on the different specifics in the different citrus-producing countries in the northern half of the planet, as well as a market analysis by WCO’s technical secretariat, CIRAD, the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development.

Together with the presentation, discussion, and analysis of the 2023 Northern Hemisphere forecast, the event will focus on discussing the ways in which climate change is directly affecting the different aspects of citrus production across the globe.

WCO’s Global Citrus Outlook will feature four guest speakers, each focused on the situation in one of the major citrus-producing areas of the world, followed by a discussion between the guest speakers and WCO members on the impact of climate change on their production and practices and methods they are using to adapt and mitigate the impact of changing climatic and weather conditions.

By discussing climate change’s impact on production and production-related aspects, like product quality, WCO wishes to lend itself to a productive discussion on how the sector is being impacted by climate uncertainty and risk, and to serve as a forum to discuss ways to mitigate the situation and adapt to it.

Registrations to the 2023 Global Citrus Outlook are free of charge and open to all industry players with an interest in citrus. To register, go here.

WCO look forwards to welcoming you at the Global Citrus Outlook on Wednesday 15 November!



Note to the Editors: The World Citrus Organisation is a global platform for dialogue and action that brings together citrus producing countries. For more information, contact the association at or visit the association website


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