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Strategy 2022-2024

Strategy 2022-2024

The WCO Strategy 2022-2024 reflects the vision of WCO’s Co-Chairmanship and the broader membership for the way forward for the organisation during the current Co-Chairmanship mandate (2022-2024).

The objective of the WCO Strategy 2022-2024 is to guide the work of the WCO Secretariat, the WCO Co-Chairmanship as well as the WCO membership in its work to facilitate members to better face common challenges and identify opportunities for the collective benefit of the citrus sector.

The WCO Strategy 2022-2024 is striving for a global citrus community, global citrus collaboration and global citrus identity.

Download the WCO Strategy 2022-2024 here

Future building the citrus sector 

As the platform for dialogue and action for the global citrus community, the WCO is future building the citrus sector. In a world with quickly changing marketplaces and with the sector facing the ever- increasing threat of climate change, the WCO is building the global citrus sector’s ability to withstand and continue to grow as a forward-thinking sector for both the fresh and processed categories.

The WCO is future building the citrus sector to:

    • Connect stakeholders for a global citrus community.
    • Engage citrus stakeholders in policy and market developments.
    • Share citrus sector information in knowledge exchange exercises.
    • Better place citrus as a leading and competitive fruit category.
    • Promote citrus consumption.

Future building the citrus sector will take place within five priorities for the WCO for the period 2022- 2024. 



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