Why become a member ?

Why become a member?

Membership in the World Citrus Organisation is open to citrus producing countries’ associations (full membership), as well as to private companies and service providers to the citrus supply chain (affiliated membership).

WCO is the only global organisation solely focused on citrus fruit. It draws inspiration from the success of other platforms focused on individual fruit categories, such as pears & apples, kiwis, avocado and red fruits, which already have their own global platforms.

The core aim of the WCO is to facilitate exchange between member countries to better face common challenges and seize opportunities for the collective benefit of the citrus sector in a spirit of cooperation and transparency.

At annual and interim meetings WCO members will have the opportunity to exchange on topical focus areas for the sector, such as crop statistics and production information as well as to discuss key market factors impacting the fresh and processed citrus markets.

How to become a member?

Please contact the secretariat if you are interested in joining WCO.


Contribution Criterion (annual)
Full Membership – Producing Country/State Association 2500 EURO
Affiliate Membership – Observer Status (private company, service provider, etc.) 500 EURO

List of members

WCO Members are ABCM- Associação Brasileira de Citrus de Mesa (Brazil), Ailimpo – Asociación Interprofesional de Limón y Pomelo (Spain), AKIB – Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporters Association (Turkey), AM FRESH Group *. (Spain), Citrus Australia, Citrus Growers’ Association (South Africa), Citrusvil* (Argentina), Chilean Citrus Committee (Chile), Fruitimpresse (Italy), Morocco Foodex* (Morocco), PCN* (USA), Procitrus – Asociacion de Productores de Citricos del Peru (Peru), Upefruy – Unión de Productores y Exportadores de Fruta del Uruguay (Uruguay) and MAFA-Magrabi Agriculture* (Egypt). 

*Associated Members

Engagement is ongoing with organisations in Argentina, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Israel, Tunisia, Florida, California and Portugal to complete their respective membership applications.  

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