The World Citrus Organisation is happy to report that it now counts among its members Citrojugo, a Mexican producer, processor and marketer of acid citrus-based juices, essential oils, and dried peels. Citrojugo represents the WCO’s first Mexican member and represents a watershed in the growing interest of the citrus sector in the Americas in connecting more closely with the global citrus community.

The World Citrus Organisation, in its ongoing efforts to bring together the global citrus community, advocating for closer collaboration and promoting global citrus trade and the consumption of citrus fruits of all varieties, now counts with its first member in a crucial country, Mexico.

Citrojugo, a Mexican producer, processor and marketer of acid citrus-based juices, essential oils, and dried peels based in Tecomán, joined WCO in June, becoming a part of the global citrus community. In doing so, Citrojugo has joined over 40 additional associations and companies working together to promote citrus consumption, improve product placement, and share experiences and best practices amongst the many actors in the sector.

By joining the World Citrus Organisation, Citrojugo becomes part of a broader global citrus community. Through its participation, and like other WCO full and associated members, Citrojugo can join WCO’s various initiatives to provide accurate and up-to-date seasonal forecasts for the North and South hemispheres to its members, to organise and conduct promotional campaigns showcasing the healthy and nutritive nature of citrus fruits, to develop a common marketing concept as well as various initiatives designed to bolster the sector.

For WCO, too, Citrojugo’s membership represents a watershed moment for WCO. By gaining its first Mexican member, WCO continues to push for the broadest possible representation of the diverse nature of the sector and in its efforts to increase its representation in the Americas, as WCO already featured full and associated members from Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and the United States.

Additionally, thanks to its membership, WCO establishes a foothold in Mexico, a major producer of citrus fruits, which will enable the organisation to grow further, attracting over time new Mexican members to make the Mexican contingent in the organisation more representative of the sector as a whole and allow us to tailor our activities to the needs of Mexican producers and processors as well as to fine-tune production data forecasts for the country.


Note to the Editors: The World Citrus Organisation is a global platform for dialogue and action that brings together citrus producing countries. For more information, contact the association at or visit the association website


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